Useful websites for language learning

Useful websites for language learning …


A really great website with interactive activities for all levels
A fantastic website from Ripon Grammar School French department, with lots of powerpoints and worksheets from Years 7 to 13.

An excellent list of resources you can use at KS2 or KS3.
This is a really useful website for A level French students and other students of intermediate – advanced level French. Great for listening and pronunciation practice, as well as expanding your vocabulary.
The French version of Newsround – current affairs reported in a fairly simple way, but at an authentic speed. Really useful listening practice for A level students and anyone learning French at an intermediate – advanced level.
Hundreds of exercises practising pronunciation, listening, vocabulary and grammar.
Lovely activities for little ones to practise their French.
A student of mine has just recommended this site to me. It will really stretch you if you’re doing your French A level or degree – check out the verb conjugation quiz. Phew!!

This page has just been recommended to us and is full of more useful links, including online dictionaries, grammar exercises and study aids.

Lots of useful links, including to grammar sites, French for tourism, essays about French literature. Please be aware that the page on Modern French Literature is satirical, and the book titles are made up. It’s funny, though!

Great resources for primary French teachers, or for parents who are looking for resources to help their children learn French at home.


(free to use apart from between 9am and 4pm on weekdays) Over 600 mp3s of classic books read aloud. Many are accompanied by the text.  A lovely site with lots of helpful exercises for learners of German. Includes stories and jokes to listen to and perfect your German accent.



Loads of useful resources for students of Spanish at all levels.

Free to use after 4pm. Great GCSE revision resources.

A level Spanish revision.

Loads of games to practise your Spanish vocabulary.


French, German and Spanish
Websites for adult learners of French, German and Spanish at beginners level (Access 1) and intermediate level (Access 2). The site accompanies the Access textbooks but can be used to good effect even if you aren’t following the book.

Lots of games to practise French and Spanish.


Many different languages
An excellent online dictionary in English to many different languages. Links to the wordreference forums, where language learners and native speakers discuss different aspects of the language.

A great blog about language learning and teaching, plus shared resources.

Fun and stimulating songs and activities for babies and toddlers aged 0 – 3 in French, Spanish and Italian. Just in Sheffield at the moment, but sure to be coming to a school or community centre near you soon!

This blog provides update on the most current events in the translation and interpreting world, as well as noteworthy articles and writings about countries, cultures, languages,technology, business, marketing, and other interesting subjects on the web.

An excellent collection of links to useful websites for language learners.

15 best free language learning apps