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Online Tuition via Web Cam – Information and Prices

Learning a language online means that you have a choice of a wealth of experienced tutors regardless of location.  There are particular advantages to learning online.  As you are not face-to-face with your tutor, you will find that you automatically begin to tune into the syntax and speech patterns of the language.  Since you are already in front of your computer, your tutor will easily be able to guide you to online learning resources during lessons.  Online tuition is also the most flexible and time efficient way to learn.

A survey of online learning in the US reported that online learning is equally good or better than learning face-to-face. “One conclusion seems clear: On average, students seem to perform equally well or better academically in online learning.”


Your tutor will discuss your language learning goals with you and will plan a bespoke course of lessons, in accordance with your specific requirements.

Tutors hold a PGCE certificate or equivalent teaching qualification and/or are native speakers with teaching qualifications. We obtain references for all our tutors and interview them before they start to work for us, to ensure that they are enthusiastic, personable and professional. Our aim is to foster the best possible working relationship between the customer, the tutor and Babble and Speak Ltd.

We often add new languages to our data base, so if your chosen language doesn’t appear on the drop down list on our home page, please contact us.


What does the price of our online tuition service include?

- Tuition with a well-qualified, thoroughly vetted languages tutor. You will have your tutor’s undivided attention rather than sharing the tutor with a large group of other learners, as you would in a typical evening class.

-The flexibility to arrange your lessons for the days and times that suit you. You can fit your lessons around your commitments and lifestyle.

- Friendly, expert customer service from Babble and Speak Ltd. We are highly experienced in helping people of all ages and abilities to learn new languages.

- There is no minimum contract and no payment upfront – you just pay for the lessons you have had (unless you have taken advantage of one of our block booking discounted special offers).

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How much does online tuition cost?

The cost per hour for a tutor to teach you online, one-to-one, is 33GBP.

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