How did you celebrate Bastille Day? Here’s what the pupils at Norbridge Academy have been up to!

Posted on July 16th, 2014

How did you celebrate Bastille Day?



Pupils at Norbridge Academy celebrated by learning about its grisly origins and singing the French national anthem, La Marseillaise.


This was all part of their first year of learning French with their Babble & Speak teacher Manuella Blood, who has been going into Norbridge Academy two days a week since September 2012. Every class has been having lessons, from the foundation stage 1 children (age 3) to the Year 6 children who will be going up to secondary school in September.


Lessons have been a fun mix of French songs, games and creative activities. Manue is a native French speaker who comes from Bergues in the very north of France. She has told her young pupils all about French life and traditions, including her personal favourite, the Saint Martin. Celebrated on 10th November, the townspeople join in a long procession to the beach and the children enjoy sweets and fireworks. The children at Norbridge particularly enjoyed the story of how St Martin turned his donkey’s poo into cakes, which I’m sure has stuck in their minds!


As the academic year comes to an end, this is what the pupils had to say about the lessons:-


- I like French because it’s fun


- I love knowing about different countries


- My favourite things are singing and playing games


-We like watching “Trotro” (A cartoon about a four-year-old donkey, each episode lasts about 3 minutes, no matter how old they are Trotro is a favourite!)


- My favourite thing was practising writing the new words


- I like it when we practise saying words in a funny voice


- I love the French stickers


- I’m going to France soon and I will understand people!


-I liked learning about the French revolution and Bastille Day

Heads shoulders

Tête, Épaules, Genoux et Pieds – or Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in French


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In the meantime, see and for some ideas for teaching activities to use with your classes.



Bonnes vacances a tous!

Qu'ils mangent de la brioche


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