Foreign Language Tuition – Customer Requirements

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Information for New Home Tuition Customers

Information for New Business Tuition Customers

If you have all the information you need and would like us to find you a tutor, please fill in the form below. We would be grateful if you could give as much detail as possible as it will help us to match you with the most suitable tutor and for the tutor to plan your lessons around your goals and previous experience in the language. Many thanks.

Language needed
Current level of language
Previous experience of learning this language (if you have taken an exam in the past, which exam was it and what grade did you get?)
What are your reasons for wanting to learn this language? What are your aims?
Do you have experience of learning any other foreign language(s)?
Number of customers to be taught (please note that in groups of 2 or more, members should be at approximately the same standard)
Are the students adults or minors? (Where the student is under the age of 18 we ask that a parent or guardian be in the house at all times during the lessons)
How often are the lessons required?
How long do you wish each lesson to last?
Do you have a preferred day and/or time of day for the lessons?
Address (including postcode) where the lessons are to take place.
Phone number
Where did you hear about Babble and Speak Ltd?