Languages for Primary Schools – Flipping Fantastic Fun at Norbridge Academy!

Posted on February 23rd, 2015

Tossing a crepe

The 2nd February was French Pancake Day, or “La Chandeleur”, as it’s known in France.

Tossing crepes

Pupils at Norbridge Academy in Worksop celebrated in style with their Babble and Speak teacher, Jo Walsh. The pupils learnt about how to talk about different crêpe toppings in French and then had a pancake tossing competition. The highlight was, of course, tasting some delicious crêpes – yum, or miam miam, as they say in France!


Click here for a link to a website all about making crêpes.

And here for a powerpoint to teach your classes about crêpe ingredients and toppings in French.

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