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Business Tuition and Prices

Languages mean Business! Learning a language with Babble and Speak Ltd’s business tuition service can make your business more attractive to foreign customers, can build positive working relationships with colleagues abroad, can inspire your workforce and can, in short, earn you money.

Babble and Speak Ltd are passionate about languages and about helping you to learn to express yourself in another language, so that you can wow your foreign clients and make those all-important sales.

We know that time is money, and can send a tutor into your business to teach at your premises, so that you don’t have to spend time travelling to and from a language school. We can work towards certification, eg. GCSE,  A level,  IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or simply towards a greater depth of knowledge for your employees. We are flexible and can teach in lunch hours, before or after working hours or at weekends. Rates are reasonable and competitive (see below).

Tutors are language graduates and/or native speakers, and many are PGCE qualified or have Qualified Teacher Status from their native country. We obtain references for all our tutors and interview them in person before they start to teach for us. Many of our tutors are like family members and have been teaching for us for years, and are requested time after time by our customers.

We offer a wide variety of foreign languages and English as a Foreign Language. Our data base of languages is constantly updated, so, if your language is not mentioned, please do contact us.


What do our business tuition prices include?

-   Tuition with a well-qualified, rigorously-vetted languages tutor, one-to-one or in a small group. You will get much more of your tutor’s attention than you would in the typical class, and will make faster progress.

-   The flexibility to arrange your classes for the days and times that suit you. You can fit your lessons around your busy schedule.

-   Friendly, helpful customer service from Babble and Speak Ltd. We are experts in helping people to learn new languages and have extensive links with the language-learning community in the cities and towns we serve.

We use our knowledge to help our customers to find the way of learning that suits them best. There is no minimum contract and no payment upfront – you just pay for the lessons you have had.  Click Information for New Business Tuition Customers for a copy of our information sheet about our languages for businesses service.


Business Tuition Prices

The price of lessons is £40 per hour for 1 – 5 clients and £50 for groups of 6 or more clients.

Learn Online

We are now also able to offer language lessons via the internet using webcam. For the benefits of this service, click here. Please contact us to find out more about this service.

Ready to enter into the exciting, challenging world of language learning?

If you are ready to book a lesson

I started using Babble and Speak for some personal tuition when I started work on a project in France and discovered I would be working closely with a colleague who wasn’t fluent in English. Having had several aborted attempts at previous language learning I was apprehensive but I soon found that the way the lessons were structured as well as the way I was given the flexibility to discuss my specific requirements ensured I began to look forward to the classes and quickly made progress. Within three months I have the confidence to email and carry out regular conversations in French, an added bonus has been that my learning has given impetus to my colleague to learn English so communication has become much less an issue than it was at the start of the project. I can’t praise Babble and Speak, and especially Katie, highly enough for their help and approach over these months. There is still a long road to travel before I am fluent but its a journey I intend to take with Babble and Speak.
Andy Kerman, Manufacturing Systems Manager, Cadbury Schweppes
The range of activities we’ve done has been great fun, and I definitely feel that I’ve benefited from the sessions we’ve had so far. They have really increased my confidence in speaking French.
Pippa Powell, European Respiratory Society
I am a middle manager employed by the National Probation Service. Last year I was fortunate enough to be invited to Poland as part of a delegation from South Yorkshire Probation Service. I had no time to learn anything beyond a few key words and these had to suffice. This year I was invited back to Poland as a ‘friend’ and I was determined to demonstrate that I respected my friends in Poland enough to want to learn their language.I researched available language tuition but was not able to find anything that fitted the bill until I came across ‘Babble and Speak’. I was immediately impressed by their warm and helpful response to my request for a teacher of Polish. Within a few days I was put in touch with Agnieszka and we embarked on a crash course in Polish. I found my teacher to be very patient (she needed to be!), structured and responsive to my needs as a student. She taught me what I wanted to know, not what she thought I ought to learn. Agnieszka, as a Pole, was also able to tell me much about the Polish culture and customs, thus helping me to avoid several potential faux pas. I was happy enough with the service to recommend ‘Babble and Speak’ both to my organisation and to several friends.
John Connelly, South Yorkshire Probation Service